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Cashmere fabrics supply in bulk in 2021

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Can you buy cashmere fabric?Supplying cashmere fabrics in bulk

The cashmere weaving machine is almost similar to other traditional textile machines, it is made of wood and is made in the production areas by local craftsmen. Preparation of raw materials and preparation of the weaving machine The weaving work is done in a way that is common in the weaving of other hand-woven textiles, and then the weaving process begins. On top of that, his job is to select and determine special threads to create a pattern on the fabric, and the patterns that are usually seen on Iranian cashmere are the result of the earrings collaborator with the master. For more information about Cashmere fabrics supply in bulk in 2021, visit our site.

Cashmere fabrics supply in bulk in 2021

Can you buy cashmere fabric?

Can you buy cashmere fabric? Today, according to living conditions, this beautiful weave is used in the preparation of tablecloths, bedspreads, furniture fabrics and even more recently in sewing bags and shoes. Cashmere was very prosperous before the arrival of fabrics and textiles of western machine-made factories in Iran and had various applications, so that the number of knitting machines in ancient times in Yazd reached about 500 to 700 machines, but now this handicraft Almost forgotten. Cashmere weaving has been popular in Isfahan since the early Safavid period, but is now becoming obsolete and is woven only in Yazd province and sold in other provinces.

The colors used in the texture of cashmere, especially its text,, bright red, green, orange and black. The designs that are used in cashmere are also designs such as idols, cloaks, deer antlers, almonds, survey trees, corridors, Amiri and.. Cashmere fabric has a relative strength due to its unique texture and due to the high density of its wefts, and in general, it is more durable than other types of fabrics. However, light and humidity are the biggest causes of cashmere discoloration. Another enemy of cashmere is the willow. Just as other woolen fabrics need to be protected from weeds, care must be taken to maintain the cashmere. Cashmere weaving, like any other weaving art, requires the design and presentation of a map.

In the distant past, weavers weaved cashmere without a pattern, relying on their own vision and imagination. Over time, they drew the desired pattern by drawing the proposed and recorded shapes on checkered papers, and then the artist weavers applied it to the fabric. Today, with the advancement of technology, this industry has been able to use the capabilities of computer software in order to improve itself and achieve a more accurate and beautiful design, so that the implementation of design and dyeing operations makes it possible for weavers and craftsmen to achieve their work. Before performing the texture and can easily make the necessary changes and corrections. Cashmere is evaluated based on the number of yarn dyes used in its texture as well as the density of the texture.

The more colors used in a cashmere, the higher the value of that cashmere. Among the cashmeres that have the same number of colors, the design and density of the texture determines the value of the cashmere. The greater the variety of colors and densities of cashmere, the higher the value of cashmere. For more information about cashmere fabric characteristics, visit our site.

Supplying cashmere fabrics in bulk

Supplying cashmere fabrics in bulk Supplying cashmere fabrics in bulk is done by our company. This product has a high quality and reaches customers at an affordable price, so you can refer to our site for more information about types of cashmere fabrics.

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