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Cashmere fabrics Price Fluctuation

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Reasons for popularity of cashmere fabricsPrice changes of cashmere fabrics

Our collection has been producing and selling high quality Iranian cashmere fabrics for a long time and has been able to gain a lot of experience in this profession. During these years, your support and trust, dear customers, enabled us to gain a lot of credit in this field and become known as the best sellers of this product. Despite years of experience, we are still looking for new ideas to be able to produce more and better products.

Cashmere fabrics Price Fluctuation

Reasons for popularity of cashmere fabrics

Reasons for popularity of cashmere fabrics When we say how to know the original Iranian cashmere, we have actually used the wrong word because the name cashmere refers to a delicate fabric with a special stitching, but we mean that we want to teach you the tips that you hand-made cashmere Distinguish exquisite and high quality Iranian from other similar products. The first thing you should pay attention to is that if you see a cashmere that was sewn using materials such as yarn, cotton, viscose and polyester, know that it is not the original product because it is original in sewing cashmere.

And with quality, only silk fibers are used, and if they want to use fibers other than silk fibers, those fibers are only fleece, which is much softer than other fibers. Another point that you should know in the case of original cashmere is that because these products are the result of handicrafts, traditional dyes are used in dyeing the fibers used in it, and you should not expect cashmere with color.

Find fancy products on the market unless they are machine-made and non-original. Finally, note that you have to pay a lot of money to buy the original cashmere, and if the price of the product is too low, doubt that the product is genuine.

Price changes of cashmere fabrics

Price changes of cashmere fabrics Polyester cashmere products are highly valued in the global market and the economies of some of its producing countries depend on the sale and purchase of polyester cashmere. To buy better polyester cashmere, you should go to urban markets; Because the variety of polyester cashmere in the market is very large and different methods have been created by its manufacturers to buy polyester cashmere.

From the beginning, we tried to produce our products with high quality, but today our products are of such quality and quantity that in addition to domestic markets, they also shine in international markets, and cashmere fabrics trade is one of our best-selling products. The price of the products is very reasonable, but because we use first-class raw materials, we can not offer the products at a very low price. Dear buyers, you can contact our sales department to find out the prices of cashmere fabrics bulk if you wish to place your orders.

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Darsana Trading Company invites you for buying the best fabric

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