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Different types of Termeh fabricsSupplying Termeh fabrics in bulk

Perhaps you, like many other people, know the Termeh fabrics city of Yazd. Yazd is the largest producer of cashmere fabrics. But does that mean that the most beautiful and diverse prayers are found at the lowest price in the city? The answer to this question is no! The largest producers of prayers, including Termeh prayers, reside in Mashhad.

Termeh fabrics Wholesale Supplier

Different types of Termeh fabrics

Different types of Termeh fabrics Before the advent of cashmere tissue machines were prepared handmade. But about 100 years ago, with the arrival of semi-automatic tissue machines, the Iranian cashmere tissue industry manually fell. But the question is, is cashmere woven completely handmade today? The answer is yes. There are still people who attempt to weave cashmere in a completely traditional way. But it is important to notice him. fees chargeable against this type of cashmere what to terms of the type of tissue and what in terms of raw materials to the … comparable to cashmere machine is not.

With the industrial revolution in the textile industry, cashmere texture was also revolutionized. Cashmere Cocks is only for handmade projects, and with the value and respect of certain woven and became a commodity is quite precious to be with the arrival of tissue machines, semi-automatic, subject to change, and transformation was. Of course, semi-automatic and full-automatic Terme texture had advantages. From it such as can be quickly textures High, reduce the cost of raw materials, resulting in significant reduction in the price of the final product noted. About the types of Termeh fabrics trade in an article entitled How to buy good and quality cashmere is discussed. You can obtain a brief and useful information about the types of cashmere by referring to this address.

Supplying Termeh fabrics in bulk

Supplying Termeh fabrics in bulk Nowadays, Termeh is widely produced in Yazd. The multiplicity of manufacturers and high volume of production has led to a reduction in prices especially and the proximity of the price of cashmere fabric to the actual price. Cashmere is divided into three types of silk cashmere, semi-silk cashmere and polyester cashmere. In the meantime, the export destination and the price of products will determine the type and material of the appropriate cashmere will be exported. product in the field of cashmere is the export of old Cashmere. Old Cashmere are woven manually and from fibers of wool and Termeh fabrics export. On the other hand, Zarak yarn used in this cashmere has been gold and silver yarn. For this reason, old terminals have a higher price than machine terminals. In many cases, the export of old Cashmere is especially lucrative to European countries. Because besides the low volume, it has a high financial value.

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