Consulting and Ordering

Consulting and Ordering

Rug cover (carpet protector)

It is a thick cloth (such as a rug) that is spread over the rug or carpet in the room to protect it from sunlight and abrasion or to cover the defects of the rug or carpet. 

Furniture fabric

Furniture fabric is one of the items that has a great impact on the attractiveness and beauty of the home environment. Furniture fabrics have different durability against stains, scratches, abrasions and wrinkles in terms of the fabric from which they are produced.

Curtain fabric

Decorative curtain is defined as an ordinary fabric that is installed in front of the window or entrance of the building and in addition to preventing sunlight from entering the building, it also contributes to its beauty. The first and perhaps the most important part that can be seen in the decorative curtain and attracts the attention of different people is its fabric. Fabric is important because it determines the philosophy and the main role of the curtain and determines in which parts and how it should be used.

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Darsan trading group has long been working in the field of different types of Fabric wholesale. Initially, we began working in Iran but currently our trading and business activities has expanded to almost all countries around the world!

Free consultation regarding buying and selling of our products in bulk is done on all days of the week. Wholesale ordering of the product can be done through phone call or WhatsApp. The payment is in cash only. We send our products to every cranny and nook of the world without any limitation in time, place or the amount of the cargo.

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